Environmental Commitment

Green From the Ground Up

The textile rental industry has long been considered one of the original recyclers.

The majority of products we rent our customers are re-used many times over, greatly reducing the amount of refuse that goes into the landfills, as well as the volume of materials and resources used to manufacture and ship those goods.

Compared to self laundering, textile service companies use:

  • 64% less water

  • 73% less energy

  • 90% fewer chemicals


Proud Member of the Laundry ESP Program

Guided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Laundry ESP seeks to commit companies to environmental protection.

Built on the foundation of existing strengths of recycling and reuse,  Laundry ESP is designed to create a more efficient use of resources including water, energy, and wash chemicals.

We Reduce Environmental Burden Through:

Use of recycled paper

Upgrading wash & drying machinery for efficiency

Digital handheld signing devices

Recovery of heat from waste water to incoming fresh

Upgrading the fleet to efficient vehicles

Ongoing recycling of hangers

Recovery of steam condensate to pre-heat water

Bi-monthly audits of chemical usage

Paperless invoices and statements available

Meeting rigorous monthly testing standards

Elimination of all multipage invoices


Helping You Make The Best Impression

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