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Model LinenModel Linen’s full line of food and beverage rental products makes enhancing your everyday image or decorating for special occasions easy. With over 28 colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a color or combination that fits your restaurant’s style and personality. Our linens, aprons, coats, and pants are always pressed for an elegant presentation. They’re also packaged, which guarantees they stay fresh and clean from our plant to your business.

We have a large selection of tablecloths, napkins, chef uniforms, aprons, bar mops—pretty much anything your restaurant, resort, conference center, bar, or catering operation needs. Plus, Model Linen handles the details, including on-time delivery, maintaining inventory, and providing high quality products—so you can concentrate on doing what your business does best.


Model Linen provides full service uniform rental programs for the resort, hospitality and food processing industries.  To keep your employees looking their best, we deliver crisp, pressed, attractive uniforms.

Furthermore, Model Linen is the only uniform rental company in its market that uses RFID technology. What does this mean? We tag our garments with Radio Frequency Identity Devices, which allows Model Linen and our customers immediate access to important information such as: location of specific garments, delivered and picked up quantities, current inventory levels, and usage. It also means Model Linen’s deliveries are correct and on time.


MedicalMedical facilities of all sizes can trust Model Linen to keep their staff looking professional and their patients feeling secure and comfortable. We offer an extensive line of heath care linens, from scrubs and lab coats to surgical drapes and blankets. Our products are treated according to industry standards and packaged to keep them sanitary and fresh. Hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, dental and private practitioners’ offices, etc, have depended on Model Linen for decades. Let us know what we can do for your healthcare business.

Resorts, Hotels, Motels, and Spas

Model LinenWhether your guest is on a well deserved vacation or a tiresome business trip, the linens on his or her bed help determine a good night’s sleep—and if he or she chooses to return. At Model Linen, we understand how significant the quality and cleanliness of bed linens, towels, and washcloths are for your resort, hotel, motel, B&B, or spa. Are you interested in cost-effective linens, or perhaps imported Italian? Model Linen offers a wide variety of hospitality linen—everything to fit your budget, needs, and expectations. Contact us today to see how Model Linen can help create a quality experience for your guests.

Mats and Mops

MatsDon’t miss the chance to make a great first impression. One of the things your customers will notice right when they come through your door is the floor mat. A clean, dirt-grabbing, nonslip mat not only looks great; it helps keep your customers safe, your floors protected, and your establishment clean. Did you know a complete mat service stops up to 80% of tracked-in dirt? Model Linen changes mats out daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your business’s particular needs.

Model Linen carries a large selection of colors and sizes to fit your business’s needs and décor. We can also create custom mats with your company’s logo or the logo of your favorite college or university. And if you want anti-fatigue mats or mats to collect excess water, leaves, or debris, we’ve got those too.

As for mops, Model Linen has wet, dust, and microfiber varieties in all shapes and sizes. Just give us a call to find out more.

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