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Environmental Commitment

LESPThe textile rental industry has long been considered one of the original recyclers.

The majority of products we rent our customers are re-used many times over, greatly reducing the amount of refuse that goes into the landfills, as well as the volume of materials and resources used to manufacture and ship those goods.
Our business is green at its base:  Did you know that compared to laundering linens, clothes, mats, etc. at home, textile service companies use:

  • 64 % less water
  • 73 % less energy
  • 90 % fewer chemicals
    ( Solid Waste and Laundering Assessment of Reusable and Disposable Product
    Mullen and Lehrburger)

Model Linen participates in the Laundry ESP program, which is a program guided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  The goal of the Laundry ESP program is to facilitate the textile service industry’s continued commitment to environmental protection, built on the foundation of existing strengths of recycling and reuse.  Laundry ESP is designed to arrive at a more efficient use of resources including water, energy, and wash chemicals.

Model LinenHere at Model Linen, we take environmental stewardship very seriously.  In an effort to protect and preserve our environment and its resources, some of the specific measures we have taken to reduce our burden on the environment include:

  • Use of recycled paper
  • Recovery of heat from waste water to incoming fresh
  • Recovery of steam condensate to pre-heat water
  • Working with the city and state to assure we meet rigorous monthly testing standards on our effluent
  • Upgrading of wash and drying machinery to ensure the most efficient use of water and gas
  • Upgrading the delivery fleet to more efficient vehicles
  • Customer option to have invoices and statements available online or emailed
  • Elimination of all multipage invoices
  • Route drivers use handheld computers, which the customers review and sign (reducing waste)
  • Recycling of hangers
  • Bi-monthly audits of chemical usage to prevent waste

Ask about our new line of 100% recycled paper products.

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